This is inspired by 30 Before 30. This is my list.


My 30 before 30 list (I’m still adding to it daily!)2014-04-20 20.23.12

1. Visit a historical landmark and castle in Ireland.

2. Write and finish a novel.

3. Work out consistently for at least a month.

4. Stand in the middle of Times Square.

5. Hike to Pickett Butte Lookout in Oregon.

6. Run a half marathon.

7. Go camping.

8. Have a fluent conversation in Spanish.

9. Drink nothing but water for at least a month.

10. Learn how to snowboard.

11. Go horseback riding.

12. Take piano lessons.

13. Volunteer with a charity.2015-07-25 12

14. Visit a museum a month!

15. Audition for a national talent show.

16. Record an album of my own music.

17. Fill up a photo album with photos from my 35mm camera.

18. Pay off at least two credit cards.

19. Learn to be happy on my own.

20. Face my arachnophobia.

21. Throw a fabulous party!

22. Officially start my own company.

23.  Learn the art of meditation.

24. Learn a new kind of dance. Tango? Samba? Waltz??

25.  Take a kickboxing or boxing class.

26. Take a trip somewhere — anywhere — solo.

27. Stop drinking soda.

28. Buy another flute (and play it!)

29. Get back to my natural hair.

30. Watch more sunrises.